J. Horrocks Design is a family owned business with three generations of experience in ingredient sales, product development, and customer support.

Our family lineage in the food industry dates back to the early 1940s when Frank Wolf began to sell chocolate and cocoa products to the confectionary, dairy, and bakery industries, as well as to retailers.

Branding Division

Our web and branding development processes are based on providing high quality products to any industry or company. We aim to create beautiful designs and websites that are easy to use and extremely versatile. Our goal is to improve your company's overall brand, from your website, all the way to your print and physical products. We also provide print services like business cards and flyers.

Food Products Division

J. Horrocks Design is a family company based in Pennsylvania, focused on providing quality products to businesses and consumers worldwide. We're focused on manufacturing and supplying safe, quality, customized products to the food industry. With over 20 years of experience in our industry, we are experts at creating and providing any product goal. We supply ingredients and products to small local businesses as well as worldwide household name brands.

A portion of everything we earn goes to help those in need. From orphanages to organizations dedicated to helping and teaching others. We want to better the lives of those around us as much as we want to help you achieve your product goals.